The J&T Way

For so long people have always dreaded the moment that; something breaks, malfunctions, or makes a weird sound; because then they have to deal with the meticulously long process that goes into finding a Landscaping Contractor or any Contractor to fix or create something. Unfortunately Landscaping Services usually involve that nasty looking, smelly, and rude contractor, whom always attempts to rip you off after the fact. J&T's goal is to change this Stereotype.


J&T came to exist like most entities: a thought in passing. It passed through my mind when, my friends and I, decided to try working a labor job in the summer. When the end of the Summer came we all had come to the same conclusion; that this work mad us feel good. The sense of achievement and pride that comes from creating or exposing; the elegance and charm that can be hidden underneath anything in this world, arose our passions for creation.

Who are we?

These handsome men are the; ordinary everyday folks, that decided to create beauty in the world as a career. Some have been here since the beginning, some came later, all are the backbone and the reason for J&T's high quality and unique service, but most of all are the best of friends.

Thomas Waymire


The "T" in J&T, never wanting to quit, with his outstanding loyalty, plus a sense of fashion never before seen in the Landscaping world, leaves people in shock and awe

Jacob Browning

Founder and President

The "J" in J&T, and the man with the original vision: a seed that started so long ago. A seed planted, fertilized, and watered, watched over everyday that grew into a reality. Plus that's an amazing beard.

Michael Ellis


The one who, at first was weary of the risks, but quickly came around. Plus also being in college, well past when the others finished their collegiate goals, thereby; following the laws of the World, is considered the smart one.