Indianapolis's most diligent and determined Landscaping Contractors

J&T guarantee's our Landscaping Services, and our Landscaping Design minds; and our focus on your personally unique needs and desires, encompassing our fine tuned set of skills and strong passion for creation, crowning a finished product that secures your home at the top of an exclusive crowd, that places beauty above naught, that few ever achieve, not only in the Indianapolis Area, but throughout the World.

J&T Outdoor Experts Unique Characteristics

Our high caliber work begins foremost with Respect

The first trait that J&T Outdoor Experts attributes, to what separates us from other companies, is the level of respect we treat our clients with. Our goal is; that from the very beginning of the process, you, our clients, are hiring us not the other way around. The passion of J&T does not include; salesman tactics, or the mistreatment of your property at a site. Respect is a two way street that includes demeanor, attitude, regard for others property, and the mutual trust of each other to fulfill our agreements. Our goal at J&T is that; you miss us when we're done.

Personal knowledge and understanding

The second key to J&T's high quality work, is the time put in, at the office and with our clients, to learn and understand, who our clients are as individual people. The small personal relationship built allows J&T to ensure that every client has the highest quality experience, dependent upon their own needs and desires. No two individuals have the exact same taste in just about anything, including the final result of their landscaping. Here, our passion for creation and obsession with perfection allow each individual clients needs to be fulfilled.

Our Molding of your Visions

The final piece to a perfect business transaction is of course the product. Since the beginning of this company; we've strived to stand out from our attention to detail, not solely for monetary gain, but for the feeling of accomplishment and self-worth earned building something beautiful from the ground up. We have combined 15+ years experience combining all divisions of Landscaping offered by J&T. As well as past collegiate level education in, but not limited to; Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Construction Management, Urban Planning and development, as well as many others that grant us a very wide range of services we can provide. From start to finish, of our projects together, my goal is; to make that landscaping that needs done in the back yard, that your spouse has nagged you about the past month, is not locked in as terrible ordeal suffered through, but instead can be enjoyable and valued, if constructed with the right pair of hands.